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Com. R L Kapoor reports from Delhi that today, CAT Principal Bench took up the case filed by our Association regarding anomaly faced by those BSNL employees who retired without completing ten months in BSNL. Government advocate wanted postponement of the case; but the judge did not allow that.
Arguments are over today. Judgement is reserved.
It can be expected soon. Let us hope the best.
All are aware that the financial benefit out of 78.2 % is granted from 10-6-2013 because the serving staff of BSNL was given from that date only. To the pensioners, it should have been given from 1-1-2007. But, DoT proposed it from 10-6-2013 in the Cabinet Note and the Cabinet approved it. It is understood that some people are now collecting money and vakkalathnama from pensioners to file a case in CAT to get the benefit from 1-1-2007. If any Pensioner gives money to such people, it is his/her responsibility.
We also thought of filing a case but postponed a decision for number of reasons;
1. We want that the present order should be implemented as early as possible. The target date is 31-12-2016. From the reports we feel that no Circle will complete the work before the date. Staff shortage in CCA offices is the main reason. Lethargic attitude towards pensioners is another. We must concentrate on this aspect now. We should get the benefit of the order without further delay. A court case challenging the order should not be an impediment to the ongoing process.
2. The Court Case is a time consuming exercise. In 2010, the CGPA Kerala filed a case for getting pension @ 50% of Last Pay Drawn for the pre-2006 people. Even after six years the case is not taken up for hearing. Cases filed in 2005 are taken up now. That means the CGPA case will be taken up in 2020 or 2021. In 2014, our Association filed a case in Principal bench of CAT to get the pension anomaly removed. [We did not collect money from the concerned pensioners.] It was listed several times and postponed every time. It may be taken up for hearing in 2017. So, if a case is filed in 2017 demanding 78.2% from 1-1-2007, it may be taken up after 4-5 years. Nobody can predict nature of the Court decision. If it is in favour of pensioners, the government will go on appeal to High Court and Supreme Court.
3. Our Association will make all efforts, including approaching the PM, to get the benefit from 1-1-2007.
For us, a regular system to revise our pension along with the central government pensioners in India is the most important issue. Similarly, we are trying to get a decision by the Government to grant pension at the rate of 50% of Last Pay Drawn to all who rendered qualifying service of ten years, irrespective of the date of their retirement. Everybody retired before 1-1-2006 should get it.
At this stage, we are not contemplating to file any court case. When we decide we will intimate all.
………………. P S Ramankutty
Pensioners- aadhar seeding is not mandatory for release of Pension-Govt
There is no proposal to make Aadhar mandatory for release of pension to the central government pensioners, Parliament was told on Wednesday.
“There is, at present, no proposal to make Aadhaar seeding mandatory for release of pension to the central government pensioners,” said Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions Jitendra Singh told the Lok Sabha in a written reply.
Noting 87 per cent of central government pensioners of all age categories have seeded their bank accounts with Aadhaar number, he said that the government has made efforts to seed accounts of all central government pensioners with Aadhaar numbers so as to enable them to benefit from the additional facility of submission of Digital Life Certificate.
“Public Sector Banks are authorised to enroll pensioners for issue of Aadhaar number, including old and infirm pensioners.”
This was stated by the Minister of State for Personnel, Public Grievances and Pensions and Minister of State in the Prime Minister’s Office Dr. Jitendra Singh in written reply to a question by Shri Natubhai Gomanbhai Patel in the Lok Sabha yesterday.
BSNL Corporate Office has issued instructions 
to all Circles, again and again, that pension cases should be settled without delay.
Corporate Office sent reminders again and again on the subject. But who cares in BSNL?
Now, Once again, the corporate Office has issued a five pages latter to all Circles stating that the pension papers should be sent to concerned CCAs at least six months in advance. 

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