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CHQ NEWS  26-11-2016 by   Comrade G.NATARAJAN GS

CHQ conveys its greetings to all who made the Special Conference in Bangalore on 12th November 2016 a great success. Comrades of Bangalore deserve very special appreciation.
Further Attempts
Soon after the Special Conference, CHQ swiftly moved. Comrades G Natarajan (GS), D Gopalakrishnan (VP), G Babu (VP) and R Chengappa went to New Delhi. Comrades R C Malhotra (AGS), R L Kapoor (Legal Committee Member and President of HQr branch) and Anupam Kaul (Secretary, HQr Branch, New Delhi) joined them. The team had several meetings and discussions in New Delhi on 23rd and 24th November 2016. They met Joint Secretary, Department of Telecom, Member (Finance), Member(Services), DDG (Estt), Director (Estt) as well as Officers in Department of Pension & Pensioners Welfare.
Following issues were taken up:
1. Future Pension Revision with the fitment formula suggested by 7th CPC.
2. Slow process on 78.2% in Circles.
3. Grant of Pension reckoning Extra Increment:
4. Delinking of 33 years of service for grant of full pension to all who retired from BSNL prior to 1-1-2006.
5. Holding Pension Adalat at national level.
Our Impression:
Some of the officers have not yet thought of the issues seriously.They were impressed upon the need to do it soon. We have laid the foundation.On behalf of our Association we gave detailed letters on the above issues to all concerned. CHQ assures consistent vigorous efforts to settle the issues.
Future Pension Revision with CPC fitment benefit:
Generally, the top officers are not averse to the proposal. It is pointed out that the PRCshall not propose any pension revision for the central PSUs, or exclusively for BSNL. DDG raised the doubt whether an anomaly may not arise where the people who retire after 1-1-2017 may be at a disadvantageous position compared to those who retired before that date and got the benefit of CPC report. We told that it would not happen as serving staff may get a pay revision with effect from 1-1-2017. Director (EStt) assured that she would study the issue in depth and initiate suitable action.Joint Secretary also assured that he would examine the matter thoroughly. I hope that the matter will get due attention of the DOT. We demanded DOT endorsement of DOP&PW OM on increased gratuity, Minimum pension etc. The file is pending with finance now and officers assured that it would be expedited.
Work on 78.2% case:
We pointed out that in most of the Circles the work is very slow and sluggish. Member (S) wanted specific cases and next day we gave a list to both Member(S) and Member(F). They assured that necessary action would be taken.
Extra Increment case
We pointed out that the five pensioners who approached the CAT Ernakulam and got favourable judgement are granted the benefit.Similarly placed pensioners of other circles should also be given the benefit as the AIBSNLPWA is the first applicant in the case. Member(S) assured due action.
Full Pension on 10 years of qualifying service:
It was told that a detailed Note is being sent again to DoP&PW seeking a clarification on the matter.But, later,the officer in DoP&PW told us that it is for DoT to decide the case as DoT only issued order for the pension revision and DoP&PW is not issuing orders regarding IDA pensioners.
Pension Adalat:
We pointed out to Member (F) that his predecessor had told us that a decision was taken and the pension Adalat would be held soon at national level.But it did not happen so far. M(F) agreed to examine it.
Com. D Gopalakrishnan and myself will be attending the Asia Regional Conference of Trade Union International (Pensioners and Retirees) on 3-12-2016 at Kathmandu, Nepal.

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