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Fix the Pension Basic @ 50% of LPD. 
Our Association Takes the LEAD..  From TN CIRCLE WEB

Pensioners – both CDA Pensioners and BSNL IDA Pensioners – face number of anomalies. I personally felt that to remove all such anomalies there is a solution.Grant Pension at 50% of Last Pay Drawn (LPD) irrespective of their date of retirement.
Those who retired after 1-1- 2006 are getting pension @ 50% of LPD, provided they rendered a minimum qualifying service of 10 years. But, for the pensioners who retired before 1-1-2006, Pension was granted at 50% of 10 months average, not of LPD. They got this 50% only if they had rendered 33 years of qualifying service.If they rendered 10 years the pension was reduced to 10/33.
Just compare the pension granted to a person retired on 31-12-2005 with 11 years of service and his junior retired on 31-1-2006 with 11 years of service: In both the cases, the pay was same Rs 12000.
The first man retired on 31-12-2005 got basic pension of Rs 2000.00

The second man retired on 31-1-2006 got basic pension of Rs 6000.00
After consulting our GS Com. Natarajan, I wrote a letter to leaders of 20 organizations of central service pensioners to see that this Rule is changed.I requested them to take up the matter in the SCOVA meeting.Com. K B Krishna Rao, General Secretary of Karnataka P&T Pensioners Association, Bangaluru, responded immediately.He prepared a good draft Note and sent to be included as an agenda Item in the next meeting of SCOVA.
Both my letter to the 20 organizations and the Note prepared by Com. Krishna Rao are given here.

A well Start  Will Have A Good End.
Hats Off To Our Leaders!!!

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