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CHQ NEWS:   COM.Ramankutty
“Minister emphasized that follow up action should be expeditiously taken…”

There is no commitment on the fitment formula or anything related to that. However,
  • We can confidently say that there is a positive shift in the attitude of Minister and DOT towards our pension revision. This is most welcome.
Pay Revision in BSNL may take some more time. But, before that, the DoT may move the file for pension revision. So, DoT admits that pension revision can be done without Pay Revision. In effect, Pension revision is delinked from Pay revision. This is the victory of pensioners.
I have no doubt that it is the result of mass FAST all over the country on 22-11-2018 and the unity of BSNL/MTNL pensioners and formation of Committee of BSNL/MTNL Pensioners’ Associations (CBMPA).
Even if DoT proposes delinking pension revision from pay revision the DoPW has to approve it. Then the proposal has to be approved by other nodal ministries/departments also. Then only the DOT will prepare the cabinet note and submit to the Cabinet. These procedures cannot be avoided. It should happen before Lok Sabha elections are announced. 
Elections are in May 2019. Code of Conduct may be imposed in March or April 2019. Code of conduct should not come in our way.
We must continue our efforts to get Pension revision with CPC fitment benefits; not only for BSNL but for the MTNL pensioners also.
We should not criticize anybody for posting their views/understandings in the whatsapp groups. Understanding may differ sometimes. We are all human beings.
We are thankful to AUAB for raising the issue of de-linking of pension revision from Pay Revision.
Same time, we should strengthen our unity and organize further programmes under the banner of the new united forum- CBMPA. 
We have placed a new unique demand. It is a new concept; it is a new path. It is not that easy to get something new approved by the authorities.
We have to cross many a hurdles. We have to cross many bridges.
Who started first and who joined later is not an issue. Destination is important. 
We want a permanent solution to the problem. Most significant is that the File has started moving. We shall get pension revision. That will be the VICTORY of all BSNL/MTNL pensioners.
  •                                                                     ............................................................. P S Ramankutty

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