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Report by comrade  (G.Natarajan) General Secretary.

Dear Comrades,
Due to continuous and consistent efforts by Com P.Gangadhara Rao, Dy.GS, he could meet Shri Ananthkumar, Hon.Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers on 10/9/2017 morning at his residence in Bengaluru.  Hon.Minister said that two of our leaders should come to Delhi the next day and meet him there.  GS was on his way back from Bilaspur.  President could not get ticket from Trivandrum.  Though our V.P Com DG was not well he was forced to go along with Dy. GS to Delhi.  Both of them were in Delhi from 11/9/17 to 14/9/17 and met Shri Ananthkumar, our Minister Shri Manojsinha, Member (F) Ms. Anuradha Mitra, DDG (Estt.) Shri S.K.Jain, Director (Pension) Shri Sanjay Agarwal, Director (PSU I) Shri Pawan Gupta & Under Secretary (Pension) in Sanchar Bhavan.  The outcome is given below for your information.

Future Pension Revision
Our leaders could meet Shri Ananthkumar on 11th around 7 PM only.  When we informed about our above demand, to understand the issue, he raised several questions and all of them were answered.  He particularly asked 1) why BSNL retirees alone is covered under CCS (Pension) Rules 1972 and not other CPSE retirees? 2) Whether this demand was raised before the officers and what is the response from the department? 3)  How many pensioners would be benefitted? 4) What would be the expenditure? etc.  All of them were answered and our leaders clearly told that a policy decision is required to settle this demand and without political intervention it is not possible.  He asked his PA to contact Hon. Minister for Communication Shri Manojsinha and Secretary (T) Ms. Aruna Sundararajan.  But they were not available at that time.  So, he asked our leaders to come and meet him on 12th at 1000 hrs.  Accordingly they met him the next day at about 1215 hrs at his office.  Our leaders were informed by Shri Ananthkumar that he has spoken to Hon. MoC and asked us to meet him at Sanchar Bhavan immediately and explain the demand and he would understand.  He also told that Secretary (T) is not available and she has gone to Kochi.

As per Shri Ananthkumar’s direction, our leaders met Shri Manojsinha at about 1305 hrs for ten minutes.  A memorandum was submitted along with Annexures. He went through that and wrote something on our memorandum.  Our leaders explained our demand in 5 to 7 minutes and the Minister heard patiently and said that “I shall see to that”.  Later we came to know that he has asked Secretary (T) to come and discuss this issue with him. 

Our leaders could gather the information that as of now, there is no possibility for wage revision in BSNL because of the affordability clause recommended by III PRC, accepted by the Govt. 

Member (F) told that the subject comes under Member (S) and she would forward to him.  During the discussion she told that there should be consistency in the demand and one cannot shift their stand every now and then and no one should try to catch the train which goes fast.  She also told that she does not mean our Association. 

Comrades, all of us should understand that this demand is not like our previous demands and we have to overcome many a hurdles because it is a question of laying a new policy with far reaching consequences.  But nothing is impossible. 

Pension Revision to DoT Pensioners in accordance with DoP&PW OM dated 12/5/2017 (Pension on Notional LPD)
As per this above OM, it is the responsibility of the Head of the office from which the official retired to send the proposal to CCA.  Our leaders pointed out the difficulties to Member (F).  She told that it is the responsibility of BSNL to send the sanction to CCA.  But she has got a vision for the future.  She asked our leaders to take up with BSNL to transfer all service records of DoT pensioners to CCAs and also provide the required space for preservation.  Our leaders told her that the service records of BSNL IDA pensioners also should be transferred to CCAs and all records should be digitalized.  She not only agreed with the suggession but also said that after 10 to 15 years, only BSNL direct recruits would be working in BSNL and they will not attend to pensioners’ issues because they are not covered under this pension scheme.  CHQ requests the circle secretaries to take up this issue seriously with respective CGMs at the earliest.  Let us strike the iron when it is hot. 

National-level Pension Adalat
Member (F) is not averse to the proposal but asked whether there is a need for the senior citizens to come from far-off places to attend this adalat.  She wanted to know whether there is any such requirement which needs systemic correction at this level.  Our leaders pointed out the via-media suggested by former Secretary (T) Shri J.S.Deepak in which meeting Ms. Lynda (DDG, Accts) was also present.  Member (F) told that can also be tried.  She told that if there is any problem which remains unsettled for a long time then bring it to her notice through ‘E-mail’ and she would do the needful and give the feedback also.  She also told that she would be tough on policy matters but she would take to task the officers on implementation.  She appears to be ‘pensioner-friendly’ officer. 

Extra increment case
Asper the direction of CAT, Chennai Bench dated 8/8/2017 DoT has issued guidelines to CCA, Tamilnadu on 31/8/2017.  Our leaders understood (though there is some ambiguity) that there shall not be any recovery and the extra increment granted before 23/3/2010 shall not be reduced.  We have to wait for the decision of PCCA, TN which he may communicate to Tamilnadu Circle Union before this month end. 

Pension on Notional LPD for BSNL IDA Pensioners also who retired between October 2000 & December 2005
According to DoP&PW OM dated 12/5/2017 CDA pensioners got 50% of LPD as pension irrespective of date of retirement.  By this order, the discrimination between post-2006 & pre-2006 is eliminated and pro-rata pension (for those who had less than 33 years of qualifying service) is done away with.  Our leaders discussed this issue with DDG (Estt.).  Our leaders insisted that the same benefit should be extended to BSNL IDA pensioners also and it is in accordance with sub-rule 8 of Rule 37-A of CCS (Pension) Rules 1972.  DDG (Estt.) agreed to positively consider the proposal.  Accordingly our CHQ is writing a letter to Secretary (T) in this regard.

Comrades, CHQ sought the information and sent a proforma to all Circle Secretaries.  But unfortunately none of the circle secretaries sent the particulars so far.  Please don’t wait for the details of all members but send to the extent possible as a first installment.  Remaining can be sent later.  Only after receipt of the proforma from all the circles we can file the case in CAT for arrears of 78.2 from 1/1/2007.  Circle Secretaries are once again requested to compile the particulars in ‘Excel’ sheet and send to CHQ at the earliest. 

With greetings

Yours fraternally,

General Secretary.

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