வெள்ளி, 29 செப்டம்பர், 2017

*Advice to seniors.
A study in United States shows over 51% of old people fall down from climbing stairs. Every year, many Americans are killed by climbing stairs.
*Experts Reminder:*
After 65 years, these 10 actions should be avoided:
1, do not climb staircase. If must climb, hold on firmly to staircase railings.
2, do not rapidly twist your head. Warm up your whole body first.
3, do not bend your body to touch your toe. Warm up your whole body first.
4, do not stand to wear your pants. Wear your pants while sitting down.
5, do not sit up when lying face up. Sit up from one side (left hand side, or right hand side) of your body.
6, do not twist your body before exercise. Warm up whole first.
7, do not walk backwards. Falling backwards can result in serious injury.
8, do not bend waist to lift heavy weight. Bend your knees and lift up heavy object while half squatting.
9, do not get up fast from bed. Wait a few minutes before getting up from bed.
10, do not over force defecation. Let it come naturally.
Please forward to all seniors.

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