சனி, 10 பிப்ரவரி, 2018

We will reach heights
Thank you for our leaders and CONFIDENT followers

Today, I have received a list of 64 life members from Bangalore. So far I received 1606 names of life Members from Bangalore city 

Reacting to our posting of yesterday and day before, regarding life membership in Bangalore etc, Com. Narasimhan, District Secretary of Hyderabad intimated us that the life membership in Hyderabad District is now 1595 and it will cross 1600 very soon. It is another inspiring news. We have Madurai in Tamilnadu with the highest membership in the entire country. Madurai, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Ernakulam are the four major branches with more than 1500 membership. 

There is great improvement of Life membership in Bijapur, Hubli, Kolar, Mangalore, Shimoga and Tumkur Districts also. 
It is not just competition. The growth reflects dedicated work by our active leaders and the confidence of BSNL pensioners in a vibrant organization, vigorously pursing the issues of pensioners. 
I am quite excited to note very commendable increase in the life membership of some branches during the last 6-9 months. I have already mentioned few instances earlier. Now, I wish to mention the following also
Sambalpur: Nine months back, It was 220. Now it is increased to 300. 100% Life membership.
Pondicherry: It is increased from 140 to 266.
Meerut: It is increased from 193 to 353.
Hyderabad: There is wonderful increase from 733 to 1344.
UP West Circle has marked increase from 268 to 762.

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