புதன், 5 ஏப்ரல், 2017

Our AIBSNLPWA Tamilnadu Circle Executive 
at Virudunagar

The Circle Executive of our AIBSNLPWA Tamilnadu Circle was held at Virudunagar, Bombay Arangam in a grand manner under the Presidentship of com. Rama Rao CP.  Virudunagar comrades had made decorations, food, accommodation  and reception in an excellent manner. Our comrades  B. Arunachalam,  Ramakrishnan, Ambrose , Sivakumar and COS Smt. Sivakamasundari attended the executive committee meeting.

The meeting started with the hoisting of National and our association flags. Com. DG Inagurated the session.  He elobrately Clarified the latest events regarding Pension revision and our association 's stand, Pension anomaly cases, action taken for the payments of 78.2 arrears etc.
All the participants were delighted with his speech. Our CS Com. Muthialu inagurated the session of   organisational matters. He explained the strength of our association in our circle, actions taken for settlement of issues, relationship with the administration etc.  All the DSs and circle office bearers participated.
Our DS com Arunachalam who is also Asst. Circle secy resigned the post of ACS   and co opted the same for R.Thiruvenkatasamy, the out going DS of Coimbatore. His gesture   was appreciated by all. Com. RT  the then DS was elected as ACS Post unanimously.

THE audited accounts of the Coimbatore circle conference was accepted unanimously and the excellent work done by Com.Sivakumar was lauded by the chair. The memorable  roll of ourCBT members  in conducting  the circle conference was appreciated. Com Sivakumar was felicitated by the Circle Secretary and honoured with Towel .             

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