செவ்வாய், 15 ஏப்ரல், 2014

Cuddalore District Branch  Executive Meeting on  12-4-2014

Cuddalore District Branch  Executive Meeting was held on  12-4-2014  between 1030 to 1330 hours with its executive members .

It has been unanimously decided to conduct 4 th District General Body meeting on  9-5-2014 .

Venue:Thiruvalluvar Kalyana Mandapam,Manjakuppam(opposite to Selvavinayagar Kovil)

Time: 9 am to 6 pm


1.Welcome Address
2.Submission of Annual Report
3.Adoption of Audited Account of District union
5.Election of New office bearers
6.Vote of Thanks

It has been unanimously decided to call Comrade Sri Natarajan General Secretary,Comrade Sri K.Muthiyalu and Comrade Sri D.Gopalakrishnan to deliver speech in consultation with circle Secretary Sri V.Ramarao.

It has been decided to conduct the meeting in a grand manner bringing the members from all over the District.

It was decided not to collect delegate fees and we may collect Donation on Voluntary basis and no minimum fixed.

Sri K.Ilangovan donated Rs 5000 for District Conferrence and followed by other members  at their wish.

Sri M. Karthikeyan  organizing Secretary has given in writing to offer Rs 1000 as Family Welfare fund sponsored  from a Trust associated to him  to the grieved family on occasions in addition to Rs2000 Family Welfare fund given by our District Branch.

Every member of the Executive committee enthusiastically reported that our members considerably will participate in Circle Conferrence to be held in Tirunelveli in August 2014.

Comrade Sri K.Venkataramanan  Secretary informed the members that we have reached 220 Life Membership and requested all the participants to bring more members in this financial year.

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