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Thanks to The Hindu Dated 8-3-2014

          The members of AIBSNLPWA Cuddalore celebrated the INTERNATIONAL  WOMENS' DAY  CELEBRATION  on  8-3-2014. Mrs Vijayalaksmi Balakrishnan presided the meeting with the enthusiastic participation of large members of women from Cuddalore area.

Mrs Vijayalaksmi Balakrishnan spoken about the status of Women in our country and emancipation of women and their empowerment in her presidential address.
Senior  She-roes
Senior Heroes

Curious Audience
Member popularly known as PRO is delivering message
Smt.Lakshmi  Senior member garlanding  Shawl to K.Ilangovan to remember his birthday.
Senior Member garlanding shawl to  Mrs and Mr Thanikachalam to celebrate their 39 th Marriage Anniversary.
Smt.Rajeswari garlanding Shawl to Karthikeyan to celebrate his birthday.
Smt.Janaki garlanding Mrs and Mr. Chandramhane to celebrate their Marriage anniversary.

Sri.Manivannan from Chidambaram delivering Speech on IWD 2014

Sri Duraisamy VP Cuddalore District garlanded by Sri Asokan  
Sri  Nagarathinam Senior Postal Pensioner delivering speech remembering ever green happy memoirs

Office bearers and function managers
Mrs and Mr Thanikachalam with their happy family on their 39th Marriage Anniversary

Mr Thanikachalam contributed for today's function arrangement and offered feast for all the participants(about 100 members).

Sri N.Balakrishnan Honorary Adviser gave a speech elaborately from our participation in WFTU to present status of Old age people more than 60 years and Pensioners of Organised Sectors and requested all the pensioners to unite under one umbrella to safeguard our rights and to lead for other people also.

Sri N.Thirugnanam who is the background director of every function arranged every thing and conveyed our organization's motive to promote pensioners with a saying as "We are by you and We will work for you.

Sri K.Ilangovan while speaking reminded us that we are the only organization to unite under one umbrella irrespective of religion,language,caste and creed.We are the only unique model organization to have members from General Managers to Regular Mazdoor.

Smt.Kamala Senior Member while delivering a speech told most of our members are living distance away from their sons and daughters and require assistance.

President K.Raveendran replied that our main motto is to safeguard them mutually from other members at the time of exigencies and to inform any of the mobile numbers available in our website or through email their requirement.

Amma Chandrasekar gave a vote of thanks and the function fulfilled with happy moments and inspired our members with a silver ray of hope.

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