சனி, 27 ஜனவரி, 2018

GS, President met DDG (Estt.

GS, President met DDG (Estt.) DoT and discussed regarding revision of pension for BSNL pensioners. We requested to consider revision of BSNL pensioners de-linking with the revision of pay scale of BSNL Employees since, BSNL pensioners are no way related with the profit and losses of the BSNL. The pension contribution has already been paid to DoT during their service, so now there is no justification of linking revision of pension with pay revision. DDG (Estt.) mentioned that they are waiting for the decision on pay revision of BSNL executives and thereafter pension revision of BSNL pensioners will be processed. He explained the reason that incase the pension of the BSNL pensioners before 3rd PRC implementation on the basis of 2nd PRC is revised than the pension revision of the existing pensioners after 01.01.2017 will be lesser which will create anomaly. We explained that some formula has to be evolve by DOT to revise the pension and to avoid such anomalies. DDG (Estt.) assured to look into the matter.

 I am sure, one day we will get it.  Because we are just.

With Greetings,           P S Ramankutty

The DDG is very much worried about probable anomaly.  On that plea he scuttles all moves for pension revision with 7th CPC formula.
The DDG must be aware of an anomaly remaining from 2000 itself.  The affected persons are of 77 or 78 years of age.  In December 2016, CAT gave an order to settle the anomaly.  But the DDG did not obey Court order.  Instead,  they went to High Court with an appeal against CAT order.  The High Court will also give a decision favourable to pensioners.  Then these officers in DOT will approach Supreme Court with appeal petition.   They do not want to settle any anomaly.  Such people are talking about probable anomaly.  What is their aim?
To deny pension revision to us.    Let us realize our friends and foes.  Pension Revision is not an easy issue.   We have to struggle a lot.
But, I am sure, one day we will get it.  Because we are just.

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