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[Editorial of Pensioners Patrika, March 2017]

AIBSNLPWA has a definite agenda for the year, 2017. The agenda is not for its members alone. It is for the entire BSNL fraternity, already retired and yet to retire.
1. Based on the Cabinet Note submitted by Department of Telecom, the Government granted benefit of 78.2% IDR for pension revision of those who retired before 10-6-2013. Cabinet Note submitted by DOT specifically states that DOT shall issue instructions to all for extending the benefit to the concerned pensioners before 31-12-2016. DoT failed to honour its commitment. DoT failed to provide the infrastructure to complete the work within the stipulated time. Pensioners are not responsible for the shortage of staff in CCA offices. AIBSNLPWA demands that the pension revision with 78.2% IDR should be completed without any further delay.

2. Once the work is over, AIBSNLPWA will raise the demand for the benefit from 1-1-2007. We do not want to create any impediment for the ongoing process of pension revision.

3. Principal bench of CAT has given a clear judgement in the case of Pension Anomaly, filed by AIBSNLPWA. When others were sleeping over it we were working hard. Court has observed that the respondents have no ground at all to deny the benefit. Since the impugned order dated 15-01-2003 itself is quashed, the relief granted by CAT should reach all the 4000 plus pensioners in the country. 

4. Similarly, the relief granted by CAT Ernakulam bench to BSNL pensioners in the matter of counting extra increment should be extended to one and all placed in similar situation in every Circle. AIBSNLPWA is the first applicant in that case too. 

5. Those who retired after 1-1-2006 got pension @ 50% of Last Pay Drawn, on rendering a minimum of ten years of qualifying service. But, those who retired before 1-1-2006 got the pension @ 50% of ten months average pay, that too on completion of 33 years of service. Imposing such a cut off date for grant of any benefit is nothing but negation of the Supreme Court order in Nakara Case. Any body retired before 1-1-2006, with ten years service, should get pension @ 50% of their LPD. There should be no discrimination on the basis of date of retirement. 

6. Last but not the least; the most important demand of BSNL pensioners is that there should be a stable system for regular revision of their pension along with all other Central Service pensioners in India.

Above are not the issues concerning members of our Association alone. They are the demands of all the 1.8 lakh BSNL staff retired and also the 1.6 lakh BSNL staff to join our ranks very soon. AIBSNLPWA works on this agenda. 

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