வியாழன், 11 அக்டோபர், 2018

At Chennai 12 CWC members

 GS, Two Dy GS,  Treasurer, Asst.Treasurer, One AGS, 
  AND Two Circle Secretaries.
 met and unanimously took certain urgent decisions.

1,National convention is deferred for the time being.

2, One Day fast on  22.11.2018 throughout the country.
it's better to have that programme before  o/o CCA Wherever possible and before o/o PGM / GM, bsnl.

3, A special CWC meeting will be held on 13.02.2019 and 14.02.2019  at KANYAKUMARI to review development regarding pension revision,payment by CCAs,MRS allowances and organisational matters.

4, President,GS, VP DG will be participating in the fast at Delhi on 22.11.2018and stay for 3 / 4 days and try to meet officers in Sanchar bhawan.

5, Pensioners Day may be observed on 17th December befettingly.

6, Com. Natarajan officially made over the charge.

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