புதன், 11 அக்டோபர், 2017

Thanjavur Rises To The Occasion 
While the entire Tamilnadu is in the grip of Dengue fever, our Thanjavur Comrades  analysed the worse situation and had risen to distribute to people Nilavembu Kashayam an ayurvedic medicine to contain the fever. Accordingly 
On 10.10.2017  AIBSNLPWA  Thanjavur District Branch jointly along with BSNL Staff Thanjavur had arranged a social activity program for  distribution of Nila vembu கசாயம் to the public of Thanjavur in front of the CTO Complex Thanjavur.
The event was  headed by Sri Vinodh PGMT BSNL  Thanjavur along with staff of BSNL and from  our AIBSNLPWA Association  Coms V. SWAMINATHAN, Dist Secy, K. S. Krishnamurthy Circle Office bearer, K. Santhanagopalan , Vice president, K. Seenu Dist Treasurer and more than 12 active comrades participated. Nilavembu கசாயம் was distributed to more than 200 persons and an awareness spread among the gathering.
The function was arranged in a neat manner and Thanks to the Administration and to all active participants  involved in the social activity .

LONG LIVE BSNL                                        LONG LIVE AIBSNLPWA.

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