திங்கள், 2 ஜனவரி, 2017

won the case on Pension anomaly 
We have won the case on Pension anomaly of those who retired from BSNL during the period from October 2000 and June 2001. It is another feather on the cap of AIBSNLPWA.
I appreciate the great work done by our Legal Committee consisting of Com. D Gopalakrishnan, Com. R L Kapoor and Late Com. Chhidu Singh (Com. R H Mitkary is the member of the committee now in place of Com. Chhidu Singh.)
They spent days and months to collect all materials relevant to the case. The Advocate Shri Naresh Kaushik pleaded the case brilliantly on behalf of our Association. Advocate could plead it properly because of the feedback he received from our Legal Committee.The Judgement in full (24 pages) is uploaded below. By clicking on the link you can see the full judgement. I hope better sense will prevail on the top officers in DoT and issue necessary orders without going for an appeal and prolong the legal battle. Let us wait and see.
P S Ramankutty

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